Eat & Drink

Harvested from the club’s garden, sourced locally and delivered fresh, each ingredient is carefully crafted to please every palate. A tenured culinary arts team cultivates exceptional cuisine to provide a dining experience unlike any other.

Crow Valley is sure to be everyone’s first choice.

With nightly features and a vast variety of family favorites, select the dining room that fits your mood, or take dinner to go.

Indulge in the outdoors.

Appreciate a craft beer or splurge for a sweet cocktail. Order the next round on your phone while dinner is prepared from scratch. Relax and enjoy your company as the fire flickers and live music fills the air.

Unwind with wine.

Relish every drop of the bottle and discover your favorite from our curated wine list. Store your top picks in your personal wine locker or bring them home with our exclusive retail wine program.

Connection is key.

Join us for every occasion from a quick meal together, to date night, to entertaining an important client. It's the local hangout where everyone knows your name.

The perfect place for your event.

An unparalleled wedding experience.

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